Pediatric Program at Family Care Home Health Agency


The Registered Nurse (RN)


A pediatric RN is a registered nurse who has finished pediatrics training and are caring infants, children, and adolescents.  The patient will be assigned to a registered nurse who will be the “primary case manager.”  You should remember this registered nurse’s name and ask that everyone involved in your child’s care frequently consults him/her for continuity of care.


The Attending Doctor


An attending doctor has already finished the 3 years of additional training in pediatrics.  The attending doctor ultimately responsible for the medical decisions and treatments during a clinic visit.

We have a Pediatrics Home Pediatrician, who is an Medical Director, who oversees all of our Pediatrics Home Health patients’ primary care, along with any regulatory changes.

There are many doctors who will help take care of your child, along with the Primary Care Pediatrician


The Specialty Care Doctor


Specialists are attending doctors who have finished an additional 2 or 3 years of training concentrated on a certain body system, specific age group, or techniques developed to diagnose, treat, or prevent certain types of disorders.  Some examples of specialty physicians include doctors who treat issues related to the heart (cardiologist), brain (neurologist), liver and abdomen (gastroenterologist), kidneys (nephrologists), bones (orthopedics) and many more.  A specialty doctor communicates with the pediatric continuity clinic resident, attending pediatrician, and parent to create a treatment plan that is appropriate for the patient.


What does it mean to be a Pediatrics Home Health patient?


Pediatrics Home Health patients have more CONTINUOUS CARE. Patients receive care home, and the RN develops a comprehensive care plan for the child which is approved by the childs pediatrician.

Pediatrics Home Health patients receive a family notebook, called the All About Me Binder which is a family maintained portable medical record, which contains physician names and contact information, as well as medical records, medication lists, etc.

Medical Home families feel supported in finding resources, for all stages of growth and development of your child.

Pediatrics Home Health families are connected to information and family support organizations.


What are Pediatrics Home Health parent responsibilities?


Parents are ultimately responsible for managing their child’s medical care and appointments.

Parents are to identify the patient as being enrolled in the Pediatrics Home Health Program to all healthcare providers.

Parents will maintain their child’s care notebook and present it at all appointments (along with their most recent immunization card, insurance cards, letters from insurance companies, and current medication list)

Parents agree to attend all appointments as scheduled or notify the Family Liaison as soon as possible when unable to attend.  Numerous missed appointments place a burden on our limited resources.  Any patient who misses multiple appointments may be referred for a social work consult and may be dis-enrolled from the Pediatrics Home Health.


Can anyone be a part of the Pediatrics Home Health?


We have enrollment criteria that we use to evaluate whether or not a patient will benefit from being part of our Program. We are open to new referrals.


Goals of the Pediatrics Home Health Program at Family Care Home Health Agency


The goal of the Pediatrics Home Health Program is to provide care to our pediatric patients with special health care needs that is accessible, family-centered, continuous, comprehensive, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally-effective. Our program is at the forefront of a national effort to transform primary care for children.


The Pediatrics Home Health Program, established in 2011, is based at the Family Care Home Health Agency.


The patients enrolled into our Pediatrics Home Health Program receive virtually all of their medical care, including primary care and specialist visits.   We focus on children with complex medical needs.  Because these children have multiple diagnoses, sub-specialists, medications and medical equipment, their care is often difficult to coordinate.


The Pediatrics Home Health Program is helping make this effort easier and better. An approach to providing health care services in a high-quality and cost-effective manner. The Pediatrics Home Health is another way of describing the supports and services families should expect from their child’s insurance company. Children and their families who have a Pediatrics Home Health receive their medical care from a skilled nursing whom they know and trust.  The pediatrician and parents act as PARTNERS to identify and access all the medical and non-medical services needed to help children with special health care needs achieve their maximum potential.


The Family Care Home Health agency pediatric nurses are directly involved with making the Pediatric Care Program work.  All of our Pediatrics Home Health patients are assigned a primary pediatric nurse for their primary care.


Parent Advisory Group


Our Parent Advisory Group meets once per month in our office.  Parents share their knowledge of resources as well as personal experiences with healthcare and educational systems.  This group provides parents of children with special health care needs with a strong support system.


During each meeting, one agency or community organization presents a topic related to Children with Special Health Care Needs.


Presentation topics include:


The Parent Advisory Group also provides the Pediatric Home Health Program with invaluable feedback and recommendations on ways to improved patient care, both in the Patients Home, and at Family Care Office.

All of our Pediatric Home Health parents are welcome to attend.


Contact Us


For general questions, please contact the Pediatric Program at Family Care HHA Office:

Pediatric Program at Family Care Home Health Agency
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